Business Resources

Jacksonville Main Street has joined forces with the Morgan County GIS Department to offer a free interactive business listing to lead customers right to downtown businesses. Simply click on the business type and see what is nearby on any smart phone (also available on any computer!) This award-winning site is updated routinely, and works great on the free Downtown WiFi in the Park (JMS Guest offers up to 2 hours of free daily internet access in the square!)

JMS Network Group

The Jacksonville Main Street Network is a private Facebook group for ONLY downtown business owners and operators to enjoy the opportunity to communicate with each other. Here is where JMS can share information, articles, and links pertinent to downtown business operations and where businesses can reach out to one another privately to plan business activities. If you are a District business, request to join this closed group!

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Downtown businesses are welcome to post information about specials or promotions directly to the Jacksonville Main Street public Facebook page to reach a wider audience. With almost 4,800 followers, posts on this page can have a reach of nearly 30,000 in a week! Don't miss this business promotion opportunity. Plus JMS event information is routinely updated here!


Thinking of starting a new business? Wanting to expand an existing business? Downtown is the perfect location! Get lots of tips, from business plan development to guidebooks, on this this page filled with valuable resources that can help along the way! You can even find the place to locate that new business on the Jacksonville Main Street Available Building Inventory, created in partnership with Morgan County GIS.