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Need information about or help with our projects, downtown events, economic development in the downtown area, or historic preservation efforts? 

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222 W State St (office location) * PO Box 152

Jacksonville, IL 62651

Event Coordinator: Melissa Hebron (217-473-5081)

Executive Director: Judy Tighe, CMSM (217-245-6884)

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Executive Board Members

President: Megan McGuire

Vice President: Liz Tracy

Secretary: Keri Mason
Treasurer: Tammy Holaway

Past President: Ginny Fanning  

Board Members

Tom Grojean

Gina Hamilton 

Nick Little (Design Committee) 

Keri Mason

Kerris Osborn 

Jessica Richardson

Vicki Selby 

Elizabeth Tracy

Lori Wankel 

Mayor Andy Ezard (Ex-officio) 

Brittany Henry (Ex-officio) 

Kristin Jamison (Ex-Officio) 

Lisa Musch (Ex-officio) 

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